Unpack, fix, turn on.

ResiWall is the first wall-mounted packaged utility room solution. A practical and cost-effective system that’s quicker, more sustainable and more consistent than traditional fit-outs. Delivered to site on a pallet, ready for installation, ResiWall panels easily interlock and attach to most surfaces. And unlike traditional PURs, ResiWall has no side framework resulting in a far smaller footprint.

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ResiWall, the complete wall-mounted utility panel. It stacks up.

  • Concealed fixings allow panels to be screwed to a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, stud walls and timber pattress.
  • An interlocking tongue self-locates in a groove in the lower panel, ensuring the panels are always aligned.
  • The ambidextrous design allows you to have the MVHR on the left or right side, depending on the ductwork requirements.
  • ResiWall can be transported through doorways and lifts, so it’s suitable for both refurbishment projects, and new-builds.
  • ResiWall's compact delivery (it fits on a pallet) means it can be brought on to site much later than a traditional PUR.
  • All panels CNC cut and assembled at Resipoint are consistently delivered in high quality, even in high volumes.
  • ResiWall can be manufactured, stored and vested ahead of the required date.

Get ‘onboard’ with off-site

ResiWall is the latest innovation from Resipoint, specialists in offsite-built packaged utility rooms. Off-site manufacturing significantly speeds installation times, reduces snagging, and accelerates programme times on large and small projects. ResiWall’s compact solution means less waste and a smaller carbon footprint, an important factor for many contractors.

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