Prince of Wales Drive, London: A LOLER Approved Project

Calendar 13 October 2023
Residential project with LOLER approval
Project Scale

394 units

Client/Customer Name

St William (Berkeley Group)

Name of Project/Building 

Prince of Wales Drive, Phase 2, Battersea, London


High-end Residential 

Completion Date

April 2021

Project Summary

Located close to Battersea Park, the Prince of Wales Drive Phase 2 is part of a larger development comprising 926 high-rise, high-end residential apartments. This project was completed in April 2021 with great success and was a significant achievement.

Project Overview

The team was tasked with installing 394 units into the Phase 2 building, providing compact units (1,200 mm (W) x 820 mm (D) that contained a significant amount of equipment, including:

  • Heat Interface Unit
  • Consumer Unit
  • Underfloor Heating Manifolds and Controls
  • Prysmain Home Hub
  • Electric Meter
  • Timeguard controllers for towel rails around the apartment
  • Switching and sockets, including a 6-gang grid switch

The project proved to be one of Resipoint’s most challenging due to the installation process requiring horizontal site movement. From the beginning of the process, our team maintained communication with the customer and knew that the condition of the installation was that the units needed to be transported horizontally and turned upright once near their final position.

This feat has been achieved by the customer previously; however, that project had used pulleys, which we concluded would not be suitable for this project as this method would be time-consuming and pose a health and safety risk.

After numerous design attempts, our team successfully developed a 110V ‘flipper’, which allowed the units to be rapidly re-oriented from a horizontal to a vertical position. For this ‘flipper,’ we had to obtain LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) approval, which marked a great success for the team. Additionally, we installed an ‘anti-tip’ device so the units would not be knocked over once they were in position.

Meeting LOLER regulations (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) is crucial for residential development projects. It minimises risks associated with equipment operation and enhances overall project efficiency and success on site.

Ensuring the safe use of transportation machinery, such as cranes and hoists, protects not only the workers on site but also the residents of the property and is essential to ensuring a safe construction environment. Gaining LOLER approval is essential for people involved in residential development, as it establishes a reputation for safety and regulatory compliance in residential projects.

The QA (Quality Assurance) procedure was a stringent requirement on this project and significantly contributed to elevating our QA standards to their current level.

For Resipoint, this project required innovation and quality, which we were proud to provide, and ensured that the end result was successful, pleasing the client greatly.



Testimonial From Project Manager:

I can confidently recommend Resipoint, as a competent and diligent CDP contractor.

Although it is my first time dealing with Resipoint I have to acknowledge their tireless efforts to deliver a product that fully meets our expectations.

They have an ethos of “rise to it”. It might sound like a buzz line, but they genuinely take this approach in my experience.

We have a robust QA system, which they have fully and gladly adopted, and to date, the units that have come to site are adhering to the quality we would expect – any issues have been minor and addressed in a diligent manner.

Resipoint will also be happy to accommodate factory visits however, you must be aware the coffee they give is terrible, but the bacon rolls are quite nice! (we have since got a new coffee machine!)


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