Nine Elms, London: High-rise Residential Buildings

Calendar 13 September 2023
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Project scale

598 units


R&F Properties


High End Residential

Project Summary

Construction for the Nine Elms, London high-rise residential buildings began in 2017, and the area is fast becoming a sought-after location. Developed by R&F Properties, Nine Elms, London contains 12 mixed-use buildings that rejuvenate the area. With the nearest tube station being the first tube station built in 25 years, efficiency and modernity were crucial aspects of this project.

Project Overview

Completed in August 2021, Resipoint supplied two residential tower blocks in Nine Elms, London with Packaged Utility Rooms. The Utility Rooms were delivered successfully within 12 months despite some of the challenges faced during the project. These units were designed with thought towards the functionality and aesthetics of the buildings, as it was imperative for the utility rooms to match the ‘high-end’ standard of the facilities. To fulfil this, we ensured there was no visible pipework or cabling; these elements were concealed from view using discreet access panels.

For this project, Resipoint manufactured and delivered 598 Packaged Utility Rooms, each suiting the ambience of the two high-rise residential buildings. The utility rooms contained a range of components that were all essential to the performance of the rooms, such as:

  •  Heat Interface Unit (HIU) 
  •  Chilled Interface Unit (CIU) 
  •  Consumer Unit 
  •  12-way grid switch 
  •  Underfloor Heating Manifold and equipment 
  •  Provision for Washing Machine and Data Cabinet 
  •  All associated pipework and cabling 

Challenges involved in the project

There were two main challenges to overcome during this project, the first being the time available. As the procurement of the Packaged Utility Rooms happened relatively late in the project due to the M&E Contractor entering the process late, our team had to accelerate the time-scale of delivery as the high-rise residential buildings were already being built with the initial framework already completed. The Resipoint team had to maintain a fast-paced delivery speed throughout the project.

Another challenge was the large amount of pipework used for the project and the small space to contain it. This hurdle wouldn’t have been overcome without the CNC pipe-forming machine, which was crucial in fitting a significant amount of pipework into such confined areas.

The loading process of this project was outstanding due to the style of the on-site loading bay, which allowed articulated trucks to reverse and allow for safe access to the back of the truck using a pallet truck. The tallest tower we provided utility rooms for was 48 stories. A large hoist was used to get the units to the high floors, which held the weight of six packaged utility rooms.

Testimonial from Project Manager: 

“Two floors of units a week. Every week. Great product and service”.

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