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One phone number for complete peace of mind

Resipoints Packged Utility Rooms put the responsibility in one place

Working as a ‘central design coordinator’, the Resipoint PUR design team liaises with all relevant parties to ensure all contractual requirements are discussed and met prior to installation. This coordinated management massively reduces costly time loss. We provide project timelines, a ‘benchmark’ unit, supporting documentation and our full support!

With all the skills and responsibilities in one place, we can take a complex project from start to finish with just one phone call.

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The more the merrier? Not when it comes to construction

Packaged Utility Rooms mean less errors and accidents

Resipoints offsite ‘complete manufacture’ solution reduces people on site. Less footfall means less chance of accidents or errors and a massive reduction in downtime. From design to manufacture, testing to delivery, our end-to-end process means we do the work, and not you. And with labour challenges faced in the construction industry, it’s another headache you won’t need to worry about.

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The leaders of Packaged Utility Room manufacturing site in the UK

Resipoint, leading the way in Packaged Utility Rooms

At Resipoint we’ve invested heavily in product innovation and manufacture. Our extensive production capabilities mean we are ideally suited for mass unit production to exacting standards. From our base in Gloucester, we can design, produce and despatch large order requirements to meet the ever-increasing demand for packaged utility rooms. 

Put your Packaged Utility Room requirements in the hands of a company with the expertise, scale and capabilities to ensure on-time delivery.

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At Resipoint, Quality Assurance gets a big tick

In fact, it gets 180 big ticks.

Our Quality Assurance procedure our second to none, a dedicated QA Manager will oversee every aspect of your PUR requirements initial design through to pressure and electrical checks. We produce and supply an extensive Q.A. Report with every unit despatched, outlining each part of your build with detailed data and project photographs. 

At Resipoint we understand how critical quality assurance is to you and your project build, minimising onsite risk is paramount, which is why Q.A. is at the core of what we do.

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Designed in the UK, constructed by experts

Choose Resipoint for Packaged Utility Rooms

Understanding how construction, and construction sites work is at the heart of what we do. We know the challenges you face, we’ve seen the issues that occur, and we know the stories of what can go wrong. More importantly, we’ve created a solution that bypasses these concerns, giving you total peace of mind, project reassurance and answerability from experts.

Resipoints PUR offering is designed and manufactured by industry experts with specialisms across every sector of the construction market.

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Why off-site build delivers the optimum reassurance

Eliminate risk with Resipoints Packaged Utility Room

Large, complex builds present enough challenges. But at least one aspect of your project can be taken care of offsite, and in its entirety, Packaged Utility Rooms. Our PUR offering means minimum risk and maximum efficiency. We have developed sophisticated and robust processes from design through to site delivery that ensure site success.

Resipoint are leaders in the design and development of packaged utility rooms, so nothing gets missed, ensuring a final delivered product with no hitches.

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